Pudgy cretin Anjem Choudary thinks Allah is killing people in Oklahoma because they’re oppressing Muslims

Nice caring sharing religion you’ve got there.

                               That’s Anji in the middle. As you can see, he’s quite the tough guy.  

Choudarhead is dumb as a lump of plastic and he’s a clown; despite/because of this, he actually has a considerable following in formerly Great Britain, which is why it’s occasionally worth paying attention to his retarded tweets.    

Speaking of, there’s this classy babe, co-creator of Jon Stewart’s Daily Show. My understanding is that she was trying to make a joke about how silly it is for paranoid teabaggers to think the Obama administration has been targeting conservative groups just because the IRS under Obama has been busy targeting conservative groups. And nothing’s good for a laugh like a tornado. Those things never turn out badly. It’s all a little hard to tell, because like most female comics she’s about as amusing as bone cancer.