Rosie DiManno Doesn’t Get It About Ford – Blind love doesn’t guide his supporters, disgust with his opposition does

To end Rob Ford crack scandal uncertainty, Star must buy the video: DiManno

DiManno is at her frothy best today railing against Ford and dismissing his supporters as idiots.

At this point, Ford’s I-DID-NOT scoff carries scant persuasiveness. He is a proven and serial liar. He’s a drunk driver. He was once found by Florida cops in possession of a joint. Yet none of that apparently amounts to a big deal in the zealous constituency, the confederacy of dunces, which is Ford Nation.”

Oh and Rosie is so upset that the media and the Star in particular are accused of leading a vendetta against Ford!

“The deeper he sinks into slop and swill, the firmer their resolve to defend and exculpate. Many have clearly bought into the conspiracy theory — character assassination by Toronto Star — that Ford has utilized, clumsily but with sufficient effect, among those predisposed to seeing calumny in the media, especially this newspaper.”  

DiManno and it would seem most of Toronto’s downtown, just don’t get the Ford thing, which is odd given they created him. Ford is a symbol, he is Toronto’s Sarah Palin. Why? Because we love how he drives the liberal- left crazy.  It really is that simple. They condescend  and we reciprocate – by supporting Rob Ford who is better as Mayor, in our humble opinion, than anything they have to offer.

Recently Dimanno penned a Cri de couer, dripping of shocked outrage, that we, the public, we’re not up in arms over the fate of an unfortunate infant. I found one article written by the Star dating from 2011 on the Gosnell baby murders. Rosie was clearly out of touch with the Star’s liberal-left constituency on that one.

Last week I attended a fundraiser, ostensibly it was in support of a local environmental group, in reality it was an opportunity for Olivia Chow to meet the people who will assist her mayoralty run, in short it was an NDP strategy session or more accurately Acorn style political activism.

The environmental group intends to focus its efforts on Toronto’s “Priority neighborhoods”,  or as they’re more commonly known, among us commoners, social housing developments. Most are located outside Toronto’s old city boundary &  deep within those horrid former suburbs. The very suburbs that voted Ford in and where, oddly, the environmental group has found little support from the commoners to date. The goal is to build “alliances” with local community groups in the hoods. I believe Obama called that “community organizing.” The environmental group has received funding from Ontario’s Trillium foundation and the usual suspects among the hard left unions. It should cheer Rosie and the Star to know that directly or indirectly, an allegedly non-political environmental NGO, will use our own tax dollars in an effort to unseat Ford.

A lasting memory from that event was Michelle Landsberg, that hoary old socialist, railing about amalgamation and vowing to have it undone. I imagine poor old Michelle, like DiManno, has found “power to the people” to be less than they imagined it to be. Another hilarious note, that very day the Star, of all papers, and Ms. Landsberg’s old employer, had an article praising private garbage collection, a policy spearheaded by…Rob Ford. 
Poor Michelle was aghast! She labelled the article propaganda and announced she was determined to find the lie behind it, even though she admitted she she didn’t know what that lie was. Ah… but Michelle knows in her heart that “private sector” efficiency naturally means evil – Full Stop.
That’s why we vote for Ford Rosie, not because of him, but because of you.