A Crack In The Case: Rob Ford look a like located in Varadero Cuba

From the comments “Underdog” says: “So according to Gawker these dealers have been supplying more than few high level Torontonians. We’ve watched enough movies to know this is a lucrative setup that continues primarily on complete discretion. The customer has to know his name won’t end up in the news. But now, it seems someones young cousin has decided to tape a paying customer and shop the video.

Looks like he was trying to do it on the DL and take the money and run…TOO LATE, the info is out before he got paid. What are the chances ALL of the high level druggies stop buying from these guys now…..and what are the chances video boy takes 2 to the head before the end of next week?

Amateurs rocking the boat.

h/t dr & seaboat