TDSB “Equity Adviser” A Featured Speaker At Marxism 2013 & Member Of QuAIA

“MARXISM 2013 is a weekend-long political conference of 30 workshops, panel discussions and cultural events. Join the discussion about how to build a better world. Topics include climate justice, indigenous sovereignty and resistance, combatting oppression and imperialism, and a rebel’s guide to economics and activism.”

Here’s Tim McCaskell’s biography, he’s a featured speaker at Marxism 2013 and is also a member of QuAIA – Queers against Israeli Apartheid.

“He is currently a member of the Toronto District School Board’s Equity Policy Advisory Committee and the Community Council for the Triangle Program, Canada’s only public school program for LGBTQ youth”

Nope. No agenda at the TDSB. Marxism is a murderous ideology that killed more than even the Nazis. Adherents of this vile philosophy should be regarded with the same contempt held for Neo-Nazis.