Toronto Mayor Rob Ford owes his supporters a serious explanation over crack cocaine allegations

“Ford was always going to be the fat girl shlepping around Holt’s in vain, wondering where the big sizes are kept.

He was a figure of scorn from the get-go, even before he won the mayoralty. Only a Torontonian would understand the classism in this, but it was enough to say, “He’s from Etobicoke, for Christ’s sakes.”

But crack was never part of the deal.”

So says Christie Blatchford. Well I do agree. At this point simple denials won’t cut it and none of us will know with certainty until the video is vetted, if it ever is. Now imagine this had been a liberal politician, say someone found naked in a whorehouse, or like Georgie Smitherman, Ford’s coke-head opponent in the last election, the same coke-head endorsed by the Star. Would they be the recipient of the same scorn faced by Ford?

Rob Ford on crack is still better for Toronto than his “sober” spendthrift opponents

PS. The pic is a painting by reader Tom F. entitled, appropriately enough, “Guitar”.