From York Region

At an assembly last week there was a Catholic priest, a Reform rabbi and an Imam. (Why this assembly was being held in a public school is an entirely other story in itself).

During the Q&A a student asked if each clergy person could clarify their religion’s view on homosexuality. The priest gave a very politically correct answer and basically just said everyone should be “respected.” The Rabbi said it depends on the branch of Judaism but also was very wishy washy. When the Imam answered he said “I am not going to sugar coat it – homosexuality is not allowed in Islam. You can not be Muslim and homosexual. We believe it is wrong. It is not natural.”

So tell me – is the YRP going to launch a six month investigation into this Imam as well was the YRDSB for giving him a platform where he could air his “anti homosexual views.”? And also – does this mean that anything can be said in a public school system by a religious figure as long as it is in the strain of religion – because I really feel like this does not jive with Bill 115. Is they YRP going to investigate that? Anti- homosexual comments made by an Imam in a public school in front of several hundred students?