If Obama had an Uncle…

Don’t tell me the left doesn’t survive primarily on luck. On Friday, April 12, the legacy media was on the ropes. A spectacular uproar, of a type never before seen, had erupted over media refusal to cover the trial of Kermit Gosnell, the serial killer lucky enough to own an abortion mill. The story they were attempting to bury involved his trial for a homicide by medical malpractice (one of several such), the murder of four healthy infants (out of hundreds of similar killings), the abuse of human remains, and assorted associated felonies. Gosnell had been enabled by official malfeasance on both the metropolitan and state levels. As a lagniappe, most of the victims, both infants and adults, were poor blacks.

In any other circumstance, the story would have been blasted nationwide. But Gosnell was an abortionist (as well as being black himself), and therefore protected.

h/t ds