Toronto Rabbis Receive Muslim Brotherhood Approval – Well Done!

My night with Pam Geller

“A group with the grandiose-sounding name of the Toronto Board of Rabbis, which actually only represents a handful of reform and nominally conservative Jewish congregations, publicly condemned Geller. Referring to her “extreme criticism of Muslims” they say they find her views “distasteful.” They are unable to specify any of those distasteful views since they evidently haven’t bothered to do investigate what she actually has said or written and issued a condemnation based on rumor and reputation.

It is tragic that a group of people with the pretense of being “learned” and “community leaders” behave like small-minded, sanctimonious ignoramuses who are an embarrassment to the biblical teachings they claim to uphold.

Tragic, but not surprising.”

Talk about your interfaith outreach success story, it’s not every day that the Muslim Brotherhood‘s premier North American front group grants its seal of approval.

Toronto Board of Rabbis Denounces Pamela Geller
— CAIR National (@CAIRNational) May 14, 2013

Dear Board of Rabbis:

With all due respect, I certainly realize and appreciate that we in the Jewish community have a right to our own, individual opinions. I read your condemnation of Pamela Geller and of those groups (JDL and Toronto Zionist Center) who sponsored her speaking engagement last night in Toronto. Now I think it’s only fair that you listen to my thoughts.

I was very excited to finally see Pamela Geller speak in person last night. She didn’t let us down. She was eloquent, high energy, motivational, inspirational, brave and beautiful. She mentioned the story of how York Region’s Police ‘Little Rickey’ pressured Rabbi Kaplan of the Flamingo Chabbad Synagogue to cancel her speaking engagement. A story that most of your readers by now are fully aware. But what was news to me, was that she was condemned by many Toronto Rabbis. Sadly, like many conservative or right wing political groups, if one of their members speaks too loudly and is found to be too controversial, they are often thrown under the bus. This is exactly what our heros like Ms. Geller face on a daily basis.

During the Holocaust, so too did many Jewish leaders (rabbis included), decide to keep a low profile and stifle cries by many individual Jews to intervene in Europe. Sadly, very few rabbis pleaded with government leaders to bomb the railways leading millions of Jews to various concentration camps. They didn’t want to rock the boat and heaven forbid, become controversial.

The current war against radical Islam that we are fighting is no less a threat. It demands that we speak up where ever and when ever possible. In your condemnation of Ms. Geller, you made blanket accusations without identifying even one example of her hate speech against Muslims. In fact she is a friend to moderate Muslims. She helps protect Muslim women from rape, attacks and murder by their own family and community. One shining example is how she undertook finding a burial plot for one such young muslim girl who was killed by her own family. If I was a ‘good’ Muslim, I would consider Ms. Geller a hero. As a proud Jew and defender of Israel, I am thrilled to support Ms. Geller and heroes like her. If identifying radical Muslims makes you uncomfortable, too bad. Funny, I didn’t read any comments from your board attacking Muslim terrorist groups and states like Hamas, Hizbola, Iran, Saudi Arabia, etc. On the other hand you hand you had no problem attacking the little Jewish woman from New York. Shame on You!

Kudos to the JDL and the Toronto Zionist center for stepping up to the plate and providing security and a venue for Ms. Geller to speak to Torontonians. I’m sure that many other people would have liked to see her speak last night but the venue was too small. In fact many in the audience were forced to watch her via closed circuit TV in another room. I find it very disturbing that of all the synagogues in the GTA, not one of them offered to host her event. I find it very disturbing that of the hundreds of thousands of Jews in the GTA, they were mostly quiet about the attempted silencing of Ms. Geller. I applaud all the righteous Gentiles who did attend the event last night. But if we (Jews) don’t support our own heroes, who will?


Leon Kushner