Toronto District School Board’s top officials tacitly acknowledge Marxism pervades the curriculum

“In a meeting room at Central Technical School a couple of Tuesdays ago, about two dozen representatives from most of the schools in Toronto’s downtown Ward 10 sat in an inward facing circle with their attention focused on Toronto District School Board Acting Director Donna Quan.

To Quan’s left sat TDSB Chair Chris Bolton and to her right, the area School Superintendent as the Acting Director delivered a presentation on findings from the recent census of the Board’s students.

Entering the meeting while it was in progress, I was eyeballed suspiciously by both Mr. Bolton and Ms Quan. It could have been my generally unsavory appearance, or possibly they were familiar with some of my interviews on the Sun News Network in which I had made rather critical remarks about the attempts at social engineering and promotion of Marxist theory infused into the Board’s curriculum.