US Vietnam ‘veteran found alive in jungle after 44 years’ is exposed as a FAKE – No Kidding?

“The story of Sgt. John Hartley Robertson as told by a new documentary ‘Unclaimed’ gripped the world on Tuesday – raising the astounding possibility that an American POW escaped from his Vietnamese captors and began a family in secret with a local woman – while his wife and two children grieved back home.

However, it can be revealed that the man is not Sgt. Robertson, rather he is a conman who has attempted to suck in members of the Vietnam MIA/POW community and that the CIA performed a secret DNA test on him 20-years ago that confirmed his lies.

I have followed, albeit in piece meal fashion, the POW/MIA issue over the years, it’s understandable that some hold out hope for the missing, the film discussed was highlighted uncritically in the Star over the weekend.