Mosaic Of Diversity Alert: Dead Canadian Jihadi William Plotnikov May Be Link In Boston Bomber Case

In what could be a breakthrough in the attempt to understand how Tamerlan Tsarnaev – himself a skilled boxer – became radicalised and turned to violence, Moscow’s respected Novaya Gazeta newspaper revealed his links with William Plotnikov, who was killed in a battle with security forces in the troubled southern Russian republic of Dagestan last year.     h/t Dr. J

This is the Novaya Gazeta article – “Boston fuse” has long since been chargedwe’ll see if Empress or Blogwrath can provide a better translation that Google.

In a nutshell it says Plotnikov and Tamerlan Tsarnaev met online via a WAMY – World Association Of Muslim Youth forum, Tsarnaev traveled to Russia to join the Jihadis there but got spooked and returned to the US when Plotnikov was killed. WAMY, run by our Saudi Allies, was stripped of it’s Canadian charitable status after it was determined to have funded terrorists.

“21-year-old William Plotnikov, Russian, who converted to Islam in Canada, was arrested in December 2010 in Izberbash as suspected of having links with militants. First, it “worked” employees TSEPE, then the republican FSB. We worked with the utmost seriousness, using a “wide arsenal of lethal weapons.” During interrogations Plotnikov said that he came to Dagestan from Toronto, where since 2005 he has been living with his parents, came one – to study Islam. He also gave a list of names of living in Europe and America from the Northern Caucasus, with whom he communicated on the Internet. Security officials broke names on social networks, among them appeared and a Tamerlane Tsarnaev “from Dagestan.”