Violence in Islam: The heart of the matter

This appeared in Turkey’s Hurriyet Daily News…

The often apologetic propagandists who discreetly adhere to various shades of Islamism tend to defend their cause by suggesting an unimpressively limited number of arguments which they (sometimes rightly) think would appeal to the Western audience. Their sole purpose is to convince the politically and militarily more powerful West that Islam is not evil but that a few terrorists who think they are Islamists can be. They think this is smart warfare for the advancement of Islam not necessarily as a religion but as a political ideology: the physical and intellectual supremacy of Islam across the world. The apologists think that the terrorists are wrong because they opt for the wrong methodology to achieve the same goal.

The intellectual warrior of Islamism will tell you Islam is not terrorism. He is right. But he will refrain from telling you what Islamism is. He will tell you that only a fraction of the world’s Muslim population, 10 percent, would sympathize with the terrorist attacks on Western societies. Then you will have to calculate that that means 120 million or so Muslims sympathizing with terrorism. You will then have to ponder how many of those 120 million potential terrorists would actually take up arms and bombs and kill you or your beloved ones.

h/t Europe News