“Gay Bashed by Islamic School”

NB ~This was sent in by a reader, it appears unedited. I am looking to flesh out the story and wonder if it is not related to this recent incident of a one time Edmonton Imam’s anti-gay remarks at the Edmonton Islamic Academy school. Reader tips would be appreciated.

“Today I was in Edmonton for a few hours. At about 8:30 pm, after finishing supper, I was driving westbound on Jasper Avenue near 117th Street.

As I travelled west I noticed on the south side of the street a red car with both its front and rear windows smashed out. There were large signs attached to the car that read “Gay Bashed by Islamic School”. A large crowd had gathered and in addition to several police cars in attendance there was a tow-truck hooking up to the red car getting ready to tow it.

I pulled into a driveway and got turned around. I pulled up beside the tow-truck just as the driver was about to get in to the truck. I got the driver’s attention and quickly explained that I was quite interested in the story, that I did some writing and wanted to take a couple of photographs of the car and the signs attached to it. The driver said “no fucking way man, I’m outa here now”…….I pleaded with him and he ignored me.

I pulled over and got out to get my camera from the trunk. I just had it and the tow-truck driver roared away. I followed him and when he stopped at red lights I took some photographs of the car. This provoked a ridiculous response from the tow-truck driver who screamed at me out his window saying that “I wasn’t allowed to photograph the car as it was “police property now”…..the driver then sped away and at one point pulled away from me at a very high rate of speed through a residential section with the red car swaying and swerving wildly behind him…….I caught up at the next light and took some more photographs. As I was getting in to my car the tow-truck driver had raced through a yellow light leaving me to stopped at the intersection with an Edmonton Police Service cruiser pulled up behind me. The driver had called the police because I was photographing the car, a fact later confirmed by the dispatcher for Double L Towing of Edmonton. The police cruiser waited behind me until the light changed again and by that time the tow-truck was gone. The cruiser did not stop me.

I went back to the area where the car was originally parked. It turns out the car was parked in front of a gay bar called Buddy’s located at 11725b Jasper Avenue.

I started to ask around and no one seemed to eager to explain what happened. A striking facet to my conversations with some of the patrons from Buddy’s, standing outside having cigarettes, was their offered mitigation and excuse of the Muslim vandalism to the car. It was a stunning case of Stockholm Syndrome.

Many of the patrons whispered that they were afraid and didn’t want to make any comments on or off the record.

I also asked the same questions of several Edmonton Police Service officers and they too were very tight lipped. I asked which Islamic school this happened at, they refused to answer. I asked if there had been any charges laid, they refused to answer. I asked as to the identity of the car owner, they refused to answer. A couple of officers told me off the record that the owner of the car had been at a protest near an Islamic school, the protest met with the disapproval of the Muslims who then vandalised the car.

The owner took the car and applied the signs and parked it in front of a popular Edmonton gay bar. The purpose in parking the car in front of the gay bar was to send a message that Muslims will become extremely violent should they disagree with anyone on points of a political and cultural nature. The police removed it as the car “was attracting too much attention”.

The car was towed by Double L Towing, Unit 135, to the Edmonton Police Service vehicle impound yard at 124th Street and Yellowhead Trail. The vehicle is now part of a criminal investigation that the Edmonton police are being very, very tight lipped about.

I am quite interested to hear the details on this case as it unfolds.” – DL