Latest narrative deflection: Minimizing the Jihadist threat through misleading stats about “right-wing terrorists”

“In the wake of the Boston Marathon bombings, a narrative on the left seems to be developing to move the focus away from terrorism connected to Islamic extremism to that of right-wing extremism.

Not surprisingly, the narrative is also being directed from one of weapons of mass destruction (which includes explosive devices) to guns.

And…  Bill Whittle walks viewers through the efforts by liberals to politicize murder and terror. Why does the left advance their paranoid mythologies about race and conservatism even when it is irrelevant to the issue at hand? Whether its the Newtown mass murder, or the Boston Marathon terror attacks by radical muslims, liberals always target America and forgive the real enemies. Hear why liberals and the mainstream media love to blame the Tea Party movement and the right for every wrong in America, on this Afterburner.