BC Conservative Party drops candidate for the heinous crime of having conservative opinions

Mischa Popoff was dropped as a candidate by the BC Conservative Party for the heinous crime of having opinions. The BC Conservative Party has gone beyond disgracing itself, following are the comments that resulted in Popoff’s ouster. The good news is, Popoff will run as an independent.

B.C. Conservatives drop candidate over ‘insensitive and disrespectful’ comments about single mothers

“In March 2012, he wrote: “No one can blame a woman who experiences divorce or abandonment after having kids. The issue is with women who enter parenthood with their eyes wide open without a man by their side, either by using a man to get pregnant or through a sperm bank.”

“In either case, unless they’re very well off, the kids they bestow upon this world are headed for disaster. Why applaud, let alone condone this?”

On the Missing Women Inquiry, he wrote: “No one wants prostitutes to go missing. But guess what? They do, and no inquiry is going to change that.”

In February of this year, the Osoyoos Times quoted him as appearing to argue in favour of people having assault rifles.

“I hope you understand we don’t want just anyone to be able to buy a military grade assault rifle, but if trained to handle that, please tell me why is a policeman or a soldier any more qualified than you or me?”

Boy wasn’t that horrid? Why he’s worse than Hitler!

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Statement from Mischa Popoff

The Missing Women Inquiry was not only a complete waste of time, but was also an insult to all those missing women, their families, and all future women who might go missing. Not a single cop was fired, reprimanded or demoted. Cops were fired when Robert Dziekański was killed with a Tazer. But 49 women go missing and turn up dead, and no one on the Vancouver Police Force suffers any consequence whatsoever. This is, I would argue, the definition of a waste of time.

We should not promote kids being raised by single parents. Kids are always better off with two parents, and it matters not what their genders or sexual orientation might be. Statistics show that mothers who end up single – through no fault of their own, either through divorce of death of a spouse – do well as single parents. My mom is one such parent. But mothers who enter into parenthood knowing they don’t have a spouse, this is very bad for a child’s upbringing.

Mischa Popoff, B.A. (Hons.)
Elect Mischa Popoff