Our terrorism circus

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“Until Canada is prepared to amend the regulations of the Anti-Terrorism Act in a reformed and public “listing” process to ensure that such scum as Bashar al Assad and all his officials and agents and state lackeys are properl ydesignated as terrorists, we should stop telling ourselves we are serious about terrorism.

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“In its survey of “experts,” the CBC provided a prominent perch to the multimillionaire alternative-medicine magnate Eric Margolis, a doubter of the “official story” of 911 and a crank so dizzy that Sun Media had to fire him three years ago (his most recent gig is as an “academic” adviser to the colourful American lunatic Ron Paul). The Toronto Star’s Heather Mallick resorted to dark mumblings about the charges being “dubious” owing at least partly to the announcement having come from a phalanx of Mounties consisting of “a dozen white male cops — and a token female.