In the waiting room…

Today’s conversation at the Doctor’s office focused on the Via Rail terror attack.  Many root cause theories were exchanged and then the topic changed tack somewhat when the receptionist chimed in. The Doctor is a Muslim she explained, as such she sees many Muslim patients.

Many of the men refuse to speak to her, they will for instance only respond to the Doctor’s request to present their OHIP cards. One, who will talk, does so only to preach Da’wah. The Hijabed women are sullen but will accede to her requests. Each time she is faced with the silent treatment she patiently waits for the Doctor to appear and secure the required information. That is how things are done in this Doctor’s office, in Toronto, where diversity is our strength.

These are relatives of Raed Jaser, there to support him at today’s court appearance, he’s lived here for 20 years.