NBC, Juan Cole Both Cite Crazy Jihadi Web Site As Reliable Source For Info On Terrorist Tsarnaev Brothers

NBC and Juan Cole have each cited the KavKaz Center, a Chechen Jihadi web portal, in stories about the Tsarnaev bothers. NBC did so in a story which claims the Chechen jihadi insurgents disavow any links to the Tsarnaev’s. Similarly Juan Cole, a notorious apologist for militant Islam, cites the center in a report also denying the Tsarnaev’s connections to the Chechen Jihadis.

First off, the KavKaz Center is affiliated with the Chechen Jihad, no  question. Secondly, they’re also batshit crazy lying Jihadists. Have a look at this article on the Boston Muslim Terror attack, There is another version of who bombed Boston Marathon, here they’ve linked to both Infowars, and a site new to me “Natural News“, to reveal that the Boston Marathon attack was a false flag operation carried out with the aid of a mysterious organization called “The Craft“.

Now if that’s not Batshit Crazy enough, have a look at one of my all time faves, “The Unsent letter of Shamil Basayev to British Queen Elizabeth II”.  Did you know Lady Diana converted to Islam?

No? Well now you do.

Not exactly a reliable source I’d say.

Pic – Curses Foiled Again!