Islam is the Ultimate Sleeper Cell

“We don’t know whether Dzhokar Tsarneav and Tamerlan Tsarneav were aligned with any Muslim terrorist organization, but there is no reason that they had to be.

Most recent Muslim terrorist plots were carried out by “lone wolves”, individuals or small groups, who received their Islamist indoctrination and explosives training through the Islamic internet of Jihadist social media.

Jihadist social media is everywhere, sometimes hiding in plain site as in the case of this call to arms against Canadian society hosted by the Muslims of Calgary:

Excerpt: “The Jews have been the enemies of the Islamic ’ummah since the Messenger of Allah, Muhammad, peace and blessings of Allah be on him, began his call to Allah; and their hostility to this ’ummah will continue till the Day of Resurrection.”

“It is not lawful for a Muslim to stipulate with the unbelievers, whether Jews or other, for ending war for ever between them and the Muslims; for war or jihâd is an obligatory duty which remains in force till the Day of Resurrection. It is not lawful to eliminate it from the legal code.

Someone close to events advised me that the Muslims of Calgary are regarded as “The Good Guy Muslims”  by Calgary’s Police Services Hate Crimes Coordinator. Imagine what the Bad Guys must be like.  This call to Jihad has been on the Muslims of Calgary web site since 2009, featured prominently in their library’s English language section. Yet the organization has claimed they didn’t know nothin about it or the other hate screeds I uncovered.

The Muslims of Calgary are liars.