What Did I Tell Ya? Calgary cops dismiss hate crime complaint against Muslim website

CALGARY — Complaints that a Calgary Muslim group has been engaged in hate crimes have been dismissed by city police.

Const. Eric Levesque said the charges made by B’nai Brith Canada officials that articles on a Muslim Council of Calgary (MCC) are possibly hate crimes could spark tension in Calgary between its Islamic and Jewish communities. “The Jewish and Muslim communities in Calgary have a very good relationship and this is a group from Toronto putting out this concern,” said Levesque, the force’s hate crimes co-ordinator.

“These two groups (in Calgary) can work out the issues they have. … I don’t know what B’nai Brith’s motivations are.”

This was the post that started it all: Muslims Of Calgary Web Site Quotes Protocols Of Elders Of Zion To Prove Freemasonry A Jewish Plot

Oh yea? Not bad enough? Now did Calgary’s cops see today’s revelations? 
Muslims Of Calgary: Call to Jihad – The Jews Have Been The Enemies Of The Ummah Since Allah Began His Call

Muslims Of Calgary: Jewish Pornographers Destroy Nations By Seducing & Degrading Women

Muslims Of Calgary: Jews Corrupt Muslims To Steal Their Land

Earlier I wrote: Bear in mind that nothing will be done about this.  Disregard the assurances made to B’nai Brith from Calgary’s police department that they will investigate the Muslims Of Calgary for hate speech after I discovered them citing the Protocols of the Elders Of Zion.  A politically correct pantomime will be played out and no charges will be laid, this is my promise to you. 

Here’s some food for thought: Do you recall the media brouhaha over Crossroads Communications when an “anti-Gay” comment was found on their web site? The MSM went crazy, they haven’t touched this story. That’s not a double standard, that’s no standard at all. 

Some Calgary History from 2002 courtesy KMG 

” It is true that Canada has not “suffered scenes of bloody violence,” but one remembers that $5 million was spent on a “Commission on Systemic Racism in the Ontario Criminal Justice System” after Stephen Lewis got excited by a few cars being damaged on Yonge Street. On April 5, however, during a march of 1,000 Muslims in downtown Calgary, the chant “death to the Jews” was heard.”

“AFTER 1,000 pro-Palestinian demonstrators–“angry and chanting,” according to the Calgary Sun–“surged” towards the Harry Hays federal building and then the U.S. Consulate April 5, march organizer Nagah Hage pleaded with them. “Islam means peace,” he said. But “Islam” does not mean “peace,” and it was reported that the mob chanted “Death to the Jews.” Have Muslim immigrants brought their tribal hatreds to Canada?

Mark Steyn writes to inform this column that he condemned Calgary’s “death to the Jews” march in both the April 14 London Sunday Telegraph and the April 15 National Post. He reports, “I received the usual flurry of correspondence stating that the incident didn’t happen, and, even if it did, it was irresponsible to mention it as it risked exposing members of ‘the Palestinian-Canadian community’ to a racist backlash.” One still awaits the condemnations of Jean Chretien, Ralph Klein and Stephen Harper. What’s their excuse?

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