Web Site Disclaimer Absolves Muslims Of Calgary Of Guilt For Publishing Multiple Joo Hate Screeds Says Stupid Muslim

This is rich, MCC Chairman Abraham Ayache, a Queen’s Jubilee Medal Recipient, courtesy Alison Redford, who hopes to see Zionist War Criminals punished, says his web site disclaimer absolves them of any guilt for having published multiple Anti-Semitic screeds. Screeds that were on their site for years.

Bizarrely the Hate Crime Choreographer of Calgary’s police department agrees. Links to each of the Muslims Of Calgary hate screeds can be found below.

Muslim Council of Calgary (MCC)`s Response to B’nai Brith Allegations – Link

CALGARY – The Muslim Council of Calgary (MCC) today responded to allegations brought forward by B’nai Brith Canada regarding the muslimsofcalgary.ca website.

In a statement, the MCC’s Chairman Abraham Ayache said:

“Information about controversial articles placed on our affiliate website muslimsofcalgary.ca was recently brought to our attention. The MCC is a Canadian organization with over 50 years of proud history in Alberta. We do not condone and fully reject the promotion of intolerance and hate. Having investigated this matter without delay, we promptly removed the impugned material as being inconsistent with MCC’s views.”

“Moreover, our website has a disclaimer that clearly states the following:

The views posted are the opinions of the individual author of each posting, and are solely meant for education, discussion, and debate, not for any illegal purpose… Thus, the articles and materials posted do not represent, endorse or express the views of Muslims of Calgary or any of its affiliate organizations.”

“For any unintentional offense that may have been caused by this material to fellow Canadians and our friends in the Calgary Jewish community, we sincerely apologize.”

“We further welcome statements by the Calgary Police Service that highlight the attempts by B’nai Brith Canada to undermine long-standing community relations between Calgary’s Muslim and Jewish communities.”

Muslims Of Calgary Hate Screeds Collection

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