Muslims Of Calgary: The Jews Have Been The Enemies Of The Ummah Since Allah Began His Call

Update: The Muslims Of Calgary Have deleted the Hate Screed “Ruling of Peace Treaties with the Jews’ tract from their site however I happen to have a screen shot handy showing its entry in their library…. Bwhahhahaha!

Note the reference to a Salafi web site in the screenshot.

The original pdf document is below.

The Muslims of Calgary have within their library a tract entitled “Ruling of Peace Treaties with the Jews“. Now if this screed doesn’t get them charged with Hate Speech then nothing will, as you’ll discover this document is a call to perpetual  Jihad against Jews and Kafirs (that’s me). This is the face of Islam in Canada and I recommend you read as much as you can stomach as there is much more than is excerpted below.

Bear in mind that nothing will be done about this.  Disregard the assurances made to B’nai Brith from Calgary’s police department that they will investigate the Muslims Of Calgary for hate speech after I discovered them citing the Protocols of the Elders Of Zion.  A politically correct pantomime will be played out and no charges will be laid, this is my promise to you.  Thank Sanwin for digging this up.

Excerpt: “The Jews have been the enemies of the Islamic ’ummah since the Messenger of Allah, Muhammad, peace and blessings of Allah be on him, began his call to Allah; and their hostility to this ’ummah will continue till the Day of Resurrection.”

“It is not lawful for a Muslim to stipulate with the unbelievers, whether Jews or other, for ending war for ever between them and the Muslims; for war or jihâd is an obligatory duty which remains in force till the Day of Resurrection. It is not lawful to eliminate it from the legal code.”

muslims calgary enemies ummah

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