Muslims Of Calgary: Jews And Christians Are The Enemies Of Allah

Update: The Muslims of Calgary have deleted the tract “The Obligation of Adhering to the Sunnah and a Caution Against Innovation” from their web site. I just happen to have a screenshot showing the tract’s entry in their library – see jpg. Burned again boys;)

The Muslims Of Calgary have within their library a book entitled “The Obligation of Adhering to the Sunnah and a Caution Against Innovation“, it advises that Jews and Christians are the enemies of Allah.

This isn’t the worst I’ve found on the Muslims of Calgary web site, but it does illustrate the casual hatred that permeates their ideology and the contempt these alleged moderate Muslims have for their fellow Canadians . Let’s see what else I dig up;)

Excerpt: “It is established that the Companions of the Prophet and the right-eous successors after them warned the people against innovations as they add to Islam and legislate what is not permitted by Allah, in line with the enemies of Allah such as the Jews and the Christians who added to their religion and innovated what was not allowed by Allah.”

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