Muslims Of Calgary: Jewish Pornographers Destroy Nations By Seducing & Degrading Women

Update: The Muslims Of Calgary have deleted the Hate Screed “The Hijab Why?” from their web site. I do happen to have a screenshot of it’s entry in their library. Imagine that!

The Muslims of Calgary have within their library an instructional entitled “The Hijab Why? Did you know that the Jews control Hollywood? No? Well it’s true, the Muslims of Calgary inform us that it is one of the “weapons” of their “widespread establishments” through which they destroy nations by degrading women via pornography. Below is a screenshot with the exact text from the document.


Jews have an important role in the destruction of nations through the Fitna. (seduction/temptation) of women. The spread of Tabar’roj is an effective weapon of their widespread establishments. They have an extensive experience in this field. One should look around only to see who runs Hollywood and famous Houses of “Fashions” and “Magazines” as well as the world of advertisement!. R-rated, X -rated movies and clothes are widespread.

NB – TABAR’ROJ is the “sinful” display of a women’s “charms”

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