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Your local university women’s studies department

A collection of quotes from those planning to attend #RadFem2013

Bev Jo: [Transgender Women Are] Male supremacists who want to skin real women to wear as their “womanly” guise. They WOULD be a boring joke, except for the many women who support them. It’s all about saying no to men who won’t take no for an answer, except this group of female-haters have female guardians.

WrathOfTiamat: The fun-fem/MRA/trans backlash is designed in order to make us lose our time, it’s the same old male vampirism now disguised in effeminate, ugly, weirdoes saying they’re women.

MaggieH: There are times when I just want all men dead right now. Sometimes I really, really daydream about a virus that would suddenly take over the earth and that would kill all males (also that would make them well suffer before they die), as well as give us the possibility to reproduce through parthenogenesis… Oh, my Goddess, I want men to be So. Fucking. Dead. Right now!!!