New details revealed on the first Canadian jihadist killed in Syria

By Jonathan D. Halevi ~ NB – Background here

Jamal Muhammad Abdulkader is still officially reported as missing since February 21, 2013. On that day his cellphone stopped transmitting signals, and his parents received a phone call from Syria informing them that their only son was killed in battle in the area of Damascus. According to one of his relatives, Jamal gave his “brothers in arms” his home phone number and instructed them to contact his parents in case he was killed.

In mid 2012 Jamal Abdulkader, then a student, left Canada to join the ranks of the Free Syrian Army. After few months spent in the Allepo area, it is reported that Jamal joined a radical Islamic organization called “The Liberators of Greater Syria” (Ahrar a-Shaam) and fought against Assad troops in the area of Damascus.

One of the Syrian fighters who knew Jamal recounted that after a telephone conversation with his parents, during which they tried to convince him to return to Canada and complete his university studies, he tore up his Canadian passport, deciding to commit himself totally to fighting within the ranks of jihad.

Jamal’s parents, Muhammad and “Um Jamal”, were born in the Kurdish village of Juwiq near the City of Efrin in northern Syria. They moved with their three children, Yasmine (later married to Alex Sidou), Noura (graduate student) and Jamal, to Germany and lived there for 7 years, and then immigrated to Canada and settled in Montreal.

Jamal was born on September 16, 1988. He is described as a typical student, interested in girls, playing pool, music, clubbing and watching hockey. However, In December 2010 Corrier Laval newspaper reported that Jamal Abdulkader, 19 year old, was arrested by Police with his two friends, Abderahim Nacef, 20, and Moral Alexsandro Vernet, 18, after a handgun was found in their car. The trio were charged of possession of a firearm without a license and other related charges.

Except for the phone call, Jamal’s parents have not been provided with any evidence confirming his death and no communication has been received since.

His sister Noura referred to her brother as dead, she wrote on Facebook:
“Most Handsome Bro In the World!!! WARRIOR!!!”

 “allah yer7amo la habibi jamal!! Mat shahid!!”, meaning

“Allah mercy be upon my dear Jamal, he died as a martyr”.

Per Jonathan Halevi: The initial reports on Jamal Abdulkader are entirely based on open source materials (mainly postings on Facebook and media reports). Further investigation is needed to verify all facts.