If it’s good enough for Justin…

University probing Muslim group after it ‘forced male and female students to sit in separate areas during public talk on God

Justin Trudeau was more than happy to court the Islamist vote…

Some of the seating at the conference was segregated by gender. A woman named Mona Sharkawy complained on Twitter that she and her husband were ejected from the conference because they had sat in the men’s section. She wrote that they had only done so after discovering there were no seats available in the family section. In one of her Tweets, she said of Trudeau, “Wonder if he knows what he is supporting?!”

Miracle worker? Trudeau will need to be one if the Liberal party is to regain its once-lofty status

Congratulations to the Shiny Pony!

Justin Trudeau is the new leader of the Liberal Party of Canada.

He is now boss of all 34 Liberal MPs – 35, if you include himself.