An unworthy review

OK I lied,  it’s not exactly a review but whatever I write will still be unworthy, I assure you. K and I attended the Faculty Club Lunch & Learn today  featuring Barbara Kay and Aruna Papp author of “Unworthy Creature”.

As the blurb for Unworthy Creature states: “This is the memoir of a South Asian immigrant to Canada, whose formative years in India were steeped in a reigning culture of honour and shame, in which the burden of the family’s good standing rests on the sexual purity of girls and women.”

Honour killings are a subject familiar to most, what Aruna offers is personal insight into the shame cultures that foster this barbaric behavior. Her story is compelling and I’m kicking myself for not having promoted this event more. There is a back-story here that I will have to leave to Aruna to tell. Suffice to say that Unworthy Creature has not been well received by all segments of society. No Muslim organization has asked her to speak officially or otherwise.

We bought a copy, you can here. If you get a chance do attend her next public appearance.