Oh That’s Nice… Muslims Of Calgary Have Asked Allah To Curse Jews, Christians, Crusaders & Their Followers

Behold Moderate Islam….
“The Jews, Christians, crusaders and their followers distorted the religion of the Messiah, and deviated and changed it. They said (may Allaah curse them) that Allaah sent forth his son the Messiah to be killed and crucified as a sacrifice for mankind – so it doesn’t matter if anyone does whatever he wants, because Jesus will carry all his sins for him… And they spread that belief among all the Christian groups until it became a part of their beliefs. All of this is falsehood and is lies against Allaah, and speaking about Him without knowledge. Rather “every soul will be (held) in pledge for its deeds”. Man’s life cannot be sound or correct unless they have a path to follow and limits at which to stop.”

Today is Muslims Of Calgary Day at BCF don’t miss these beauties….

Muslims Of Calgary…again: Qur’an Warns Us Of “Jewish Debauchery & Immorality

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Or this! Muslim Council Of Calgary Chairman & Queens Diamond Jubilee Medal Recipient Looks Forward To Punishment Of Zionist War Criminals – Thanks Premier Alison Redford!

Here’s something new…Muslims of Calgary web site publishes ” Jewish media conspiracy” article by Alison Weir.