Muslims Of Calgary…again: Qur’an Warns Us Of “Jewish Debauchery & Immorality”

Another Multicultural Moment, provided courtesy of the moderate “Muslims Of Calgary”: This gem is found in an article from their Islamic History section “History of Palestine Before Islam

“The Qur`an has provided us with sufficient ways to identify Jewish manners and has warned us regarding their debauchery and immorality.”

“Most Jews have deviated from the Torah or the Old Testament, and they follow the path of the deviated Torah as seen in their manners, debauchery and immorality, under the pretence of what they had attributed falsely and untruly to their prophets. Historians, especially Muslim historians, should not embark rashly in their search into Palestine`s history accusing Allah`s prophets and messengers, as the Jews did in their fabrications, in order to prove other prophets` rights in Palestine.”

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Or this! Muslim Council Of Calgary Chairman & Queens Diamond Jubilee Medal Recipient Looks Forward To Punishment Of Zionist War Criminals – Thanks Premier Alison Redford!

Here’s something new…Muslims of Calgary web site publishes ” Jewish media conspiracy” article by Alison Weir.

Debauchery Immorality Muslims Of Calgary