Muslim Council Of Calgary Chairman & Queens Diamond Jubilee Medal Recipient Looks Forward To Punishment Of Zionist War Criminals – Thanks Premier Alison Redford!

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Todays Mosaic Of Diversity Alert Brought To You By: Abraham Ayache, Muslim Council of Calgary Chairman – Link

“A triumphant victory in the UN for Palestine as its statehood is granted and its position elevated in the UN. I think we will start to see Zionist criminals marched into international courts and hopefully, punished for their war crimes against humanity. However, this is not enough to say the least, the struggle for Palestine and Jerusalem is something no Muslim must ever even think of giving up. Not even for the blink of an eye.”

“On another note, I must give thanks to the Premier of Alberta, Ms. Alison Redford who recently nominated me as the Chairman of the Muslim Council of Calgary to the Lieutenant Governor of Alberta to receive the Queens Diamond Jubilee Medal for service to the community.

It was certainly an honor to receive this award Alhamdulillah on my part it was received in honor for serving my community and the honor Insha’Allah is only from Allah and ours to share

Abraham Ayache MCC Chairman