Sweden’s Social Democrats Learn A Lesson About Multiculturalism

Update – From “OnIslam” hilarious – “Islamophobia Ends Swedish Politician Career

The Local has a very scant on details report on Omar Mustafa, ex of the left wing Social Democrats, who was forced out of the party over ‘values‘. The Espressen has a much more detailed account of Omar’s “values” linked below.  Note – Google translate used.


• Too bad the anti-Semites in the conference
The Islamic Association 30th conference in 2010, shortly after Omar Mustafa had been elected president, was the Egyptian Salah Sultan as speakers. He has said that Jews commit ritual murder of Christians during Easter and use their blood in their unleavened bread.
At the conference the following year invited Omar Mustafa in the notorious anti-Semite Azzam Tamimi, who said that Israel is cancer. And that’s just two examples of many people with anti-Semitic views that Omar Mustafa invited.

• Invited the homophobic preacher
Yesterday was the criticism of Omar Mustafa that he as late as Easter invited the open homofobiske preacher Yasir Qadhi to “Muslim Family Days” in Stockholm. Yasir Qadhi has repeatedly said that it is unnatural and immoral with homosexuality.
The invitation was yesterday criticized by Anders Selin, Chairman of LGBT Social Democrats in Sweden, who think that Omar Mustafa should consider leaving the party executive. Although RFSL Chairman Ulrika Westerlund was highly critical.

• Defended homophobe in radio program
When Omar Mustafa was with the association Young Muslims they invited the homofientlige cleric Sheik Abdullah Hakim Quick, who advocate the death penalty for homosexuals, to a conference in April 2010. In SR’s “Studio One” called since Mustafa understanding Abdullah Hakim Quick.
“You do understand that he comes from an environment in South Africa where it is quite spread out with such views,” he said.

• Statement of Social Media
Mustafa has written several things on Twitter at odds with the official line Socialdemokraterns. He has written that Sweden should fly fall of Israel and called France’s intervention in Mali for colonialism.
On Facebook, he “liked” both homofobiske preacher Yasir Qadhi and Muslim Brotherhood chief preacher Yusuf al-Qaradawi – who has praised Adolf Hitler and the Holocaust.