Opposition to Jew Hating, Gay Hating, Declared Islamophobic By Respected Muslim Organization

Islamophobia Ends Swedish Politician’s Career so reads the headline at OnIslam.com, which ranks as perhaps the most respected and authoritative Muslim website in the world.

“CAIRO – Becoming a victim of unfounded attacks and conspiracy theories about Islam, a Swedish Muslim has been forced to quit his duties with the Social Democrats party.” I bet!

In the usual Muslim as victim apologia OnIslam laments the recent expulsion of Omar Mustafa from Sweden’s Social Democrat party. What they omit is that Mustafa was expelled because it was revealed that the local Muslim community organization he headed, Islamic Association (Islamiska förbundet, regularly brought in the usual bag of Jew and Gay Hating Imam’s as guest speakers:

NB Google translate: “At the Islamic Association 30th conference in 2010, shortly after Omar Mustafa had been elected president, the Egyptian Salah Sultan was invited as a speaker. He has said that Jews commit ritual murder of Christians during Easter and use their blood in their unleavened bread. At the conference the following year invited Omar Mustafa in the notorious anti-Semite Azzam Tamimi, who said that Israel is cancer. And that’s just two examples of many people with anti-Semitic views that Omar Mustafa invited.”

(Original source for above quote Espressen.se)

More about Mustafa…Socialist leader in Sweden wants to bomb Israel and exterminate them. h/t BNI