I thought Jordan was the sane Muslim Arab country. Seems I was wrong

Vast Majority of Jordanian Parliament Calls for Release of Man Who Murdered 7 Israeli Schoolgirls

The Island of Peace massacre was a Mass murder attack that occurred at the Island of Peace site in Naharayim on March 13, 1997 in which Ahmed Daqamseh, a Jordanian soldier opened fire at a large group of Israeli schoolgirls from the AMIT Fuerst School in Beit Shemesh who were on a class field trip, killing seven of them and injuring six others.

The shooter, who expressed pride for his actions, was imprisoned by Jordanian authorities, but was later called a “hero” by the Jordanian Justice Minister and Parliament, who called for his release.

Speaking on Al Jazeera in May 2001, Ahmed Daqamseh’s mother said, “I am proud of my son, and I hold my head high. My son did a heroic deed and has pleased Allah and his own conscience. My son lifts my head and the head of the entire Arab and Islamic nation. I am proud of any Muslim who does what Ahmad did.

“…Daqamseh… stated that he attacked because he was insulted and angered that the girls were whistling and clapping while he was praying.”