Dear John Baird, About Those 120,000 Palestinian Refugees You’re Bringing To Canada … F&ck You

Peres says Canada will play key role in resolving refugee issue – Oh no we won’t, not once this news gets out, first the Foreign Worker Program now this mess. Goodbye Harper Government. Now I am hoping this was a misquote by Peres or otherwise an innaccuracy and not an actual “promise” made by our stupid government, however in light of the Temporary Worker Program scandal – 338,000 “guest workers” and counting – nothing surprises me anymore.

“Peres pointed out that Canada has shown willingness in the past to absorb about 120,000 Palestinian refugees and grant them full Canadian citizenship so that they can live there forever. According to Peres this is an important offer as it would “save” the refugees from the “terrible suffering” they face in the refugee camps. As far as the Israeli president is concerned, “Instead of returning to what is now Israel, they can choose between compensation and migration to a country like Canada or moving within the borders of an independent state of Palestine.

Baird did not address the refugee issue openly, but Israeli sources confirmed that following Canada’s offer to the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) in 2010 to allow Palestinians to migrate to the North American country, around 5,000 Palestinians holding travel documents issued by the UN agency had made the move. This was done ostensibly to reunite Palestinian families in the diaspora.

I agree with Hamas!