This is Canada? Moderate Muslims Threaten Student Forcing Her To Flee Thompson Rivers University

You’ll recall the Niqab Bra story of last year, as it turns out the artist, Sooraya Graham, has been forced to flee Kamloops due to threats by moderate Muslims.

“After the story quieted down within the media, things did not follow suit in Graham’s life. She received death threats via email, hate messages were stuck on her car windshield and the front door to her home, the tail light on her car was broken and she was followed around campus by other Muslim students who disapproved of her art. She wasn’t comfortable going to, from or within school without travelling in a group.

“I didn’t feel safe on campus. I went to a counsellor and told her about it and I was stressed,” Graham said. “I tried to express it. But at the same time, I had no proof. They just said, ‘Oh, you’re just being paranoid.”

h/t jw