Complaint Flushed Down Crapper! Human Rights Tribunal Rules Sri Lankans Not Culturally Exempt From Cleaning Toilets

Welcome to the Wacky Water-closet of Human Rights

The Ontario Human Rights Tribunal has dismissed a human rights complaint filed by a former Sudbury city employee who claimed he was being forced to clean washrooms because he is Sri Lankan.

“So because I was a coolie, an untouchable, I was being forced to clean toilets,” he said. “An all-out war had started against me.” But Brennenstuhl said Hewage provided no proof that Sri Lankans have a cultural sensitivity to cleaning washrooms. He also didn’t make that claim in his initial complaint, raising it for the first time during the hearing.

‘I am not satisfied that the applicant has pointed to evidence that would establish that Sri Lankans have a sensitivity to cleaning washrooms beyond that which may be experienced by many people of any culture,” he wrote. “For all these reasons, the application is dismissed.