A Danish Cop Speaks

NB: Google Translate – “Kim Thyssen says further that Bøgeparken primarily inhabited by Arabs, and that it is a group of stateless Palestinians who sets the agenda for the crime in the area. Many of them, is also of limited intelligence. The area’s school psychologists have even characterized some of the young as the “slow stage” as it is called in the jargon.”

Professionals in Odense, which DANISH POLICE have spoken to say unanimously that neglect, lack of stimulation and the effects of cousin-marriages are the main reasons why several of the area’s young people are mentally retarded, and therefore they end up easily in crime. They look up to the older comrades and win recognition by committing crime.

– These young people have a low vocabulary, they are impulse-driven and not result-oriented, and therefore they are very hard to get to. They simply do not have the tools needed to discuss. Many of them also have an extreme fondness for fire. During the summer we recorded over 100 spots behind Bøgeparken, tells Kim Thyssen.

h/t IIE