Catholic Teacher Caught On Video Saying Homosexuality Against Nature Akin To A Disease…

Oh wait…It’s an Imam at a Madrassah funded by the Alberta government, the Edmonton Islamic Academy.

Readers will be familiar with the Edmonton Islamic Academy, it’s parent organization is the Arabian Muslim Association of Edmonton. The Federal government gave them nearly 100K of your money to protect them from hate crimes.  See : Your Tax Dollars At Prayer: The “Oldest Hate” in one of Canada’s oldest Mosques

“The Arabian Muslim Association of Edmonton is also known as the Canadian Islamic Society which is headquartered in the al Rashid Mosque, one of the oldest in Canada. One of their subsidiaries is the Edmonton Islamic Academy.

In the 1st quarter of 2010 the Arabian Muslim Association and the Edmonton Islamic Academy received $69,008.00 & $30,096.00 respectively under the federal government’s “Communities at Risk: Security Infrastructure Pilot (SIP) Program.”

But that’s not all… The Arabian Muslim Association of Edmonton partnered with the World Islamic Call Society, Gadaffi’s charity, that lost its charity license because they were caught funding terrorists.