Assemblyman Dov Hikind Hikind calls out religious hypocrites for cancelling Geller at Great Neck Synagogue

“This is a prelude to something terrifying. On the one hand, you have Brooklyn College officially sponsoring a group calling for the destruction of the State of Israel—and getting away with it! On the other, you have a successful intimidation network frightening a synagogue into cancelling the appearance of a well-known speaker and published author who they invited to speak. We never asked Brooklyn College to cancel the BDS event—my fellow elected officials and I asked that the college remove its official sponsorship. But we see with Islamic extremists and those who support them have zero respect for free speech. And we’re letting them get away with it, which means the terrorists are winning.”

h/t LRC

Update: Two synagogues stand up for truth and free speech, schedule Pamela Geller speaking events after Great Neck Synagogue canceled her