Ugly: TDSB Maintenance Costs By School

$160 to change a light bulb? See which Toronto schools have ballooning labour costs

School by school breakdown here. 
A huge issue remains schools kept open that are operating at far less than capacity: 

“The top costs in 2011-12 were incurred at John Polanyi Collegiate, where the board spent $2,705.65 per student. Mr. Shaw blamed the fact that the building is operating at 41 per cent capacity, and incurred $155,000 in flood damage. The next most expensive school was Fairbank Public School, where the board spent $2,457.09 per student. Mr. Shaw attributed the costs to the fact that the school is operating at 34 per cent capacity and that “there was a painting program [there] in 2012 and work was done to support the transfer of students from [another school].”