Outsourcing bank jobs is common practice, say employees

“A former RBC employee wrote about similar policy concerns, saying RBC held a team meeting for this employee and co-workers informing them of a 30-70 push, where their team would be rearranged to have 30 per cent full-time RBC employees and 70 per cent iGATE foreign workers.”

More:  On CBC, Royal Bank CEO Gord Nixon said that only one of 14 foreigners brought in to be trained by soon-to-be-axed Canadian IT professionals was granted a temporary foreign worker visa. The other 13 got in through another loophole. Which one? The Royal Bank had no comment when I asked. Nor had iGate, the firm that employs the disputed workers. A spokesman there carefully chose not to answer my question

One possible culprit is something called an intra-company transfer visa, or ICT.

Originally set up to let multinationals shift key employees around with little hassle, the government’s ICT program is now touted by immigration lawyers as a sure-fire way to avoid bothersome red tape.

This is an FOI request from the Alberta Federation of Labour, it’s bizarre that the seeming majority of TFW requests are being made by Fast Food joints. h/t Linda007

Fast Food Labour Shortages?