How Interesting …. RBC – iGate Appreciation Day Photo’s Celebrating 10 Weeks Of Hard Work In “Mississauga Canada”

Update: Note that the gallery referred to below was deleted shortly after this post was made.

This is the caption on a photoset entitled “RBC – iGATE Appreciation Day” dating from April 2009 at this link.  The caption suggests that these “workers” were brought in to Canada.  I am curious to find out why and how. The Gallery’s “album set” date sequence indicates the publisher was back home in Delhi in 2010, after his Canadian sojourn. I can’t say with certainty why the iGate staffers were here but the photos suggest they were training to take over duties that were presumably once performed in Canada.

“First Batch (Forecasting and Scheduling team) getting appreciation token after 10 weeks of hard work at Mississauga Canada”

Hmmm this looks like more than one or two people, and this is just the First Batch….

h/t Sanwin

Nice Appreciation Certificate!