Foreign workers program seen growing too big, too fast

“It’s little surprise that employers are expanding their use of the program, given the ease at which they can recruit workers from abroad, and the expected cost savings given that employers are permitted to pay foreign workers 15-per-cent less than the prevailing rate paid to Canadians, said Arthur Sweetman, an economist at McMaster University in Hamilton and an expert on immigration policy.

As a result, some Canadian workers are being displaced.

“The design of the temporary foreign worker program encourages exactly this type of thing,” Prof. Sweetman said. “There are economic forces and government policies and they’re pushing firms in a certain direction. I’d be surprised if RBC is the only firm responding to these forces.

This is starting to stink more and more. It appears that companies have been using the program as a means to offshore entire departments, or as RBC so clumsily put it – “transition” the jobs overseas, others may have used the program to literally bring in foreign workers on a less than temporary basis. Read the comments at the story linked below, if the accusations being made are proven true then the Feds have a major scandal to deal with.

Backlash over RBC case puts foreign-workers program in the spotlight