Royal Bank of Canada Claims Title Of Crappiest Corporate Liar

Since this story broke on CBC, RBC has changed its tune a bit, it now runs to – “We’re not bringing in foreign workers to take Canadian jobs , iGate, the company we hired, is bringing in foreign workers to do Canadian Jobs.” which makes it all better of course.

RBC Spokestwit Zabeen Hirji wins hands down for worst interview ever by a corporate spokesman caught in a lie. Her responses reveal the contempt RBC holds for the public and amounted to “Let’s get the facts out front – our facts are a lie” but we know you’re stupid enough to believe them.

More Bullshit: “RBC said on Sunday it had not directly hired temporary foreign workers to take over the work of its current employees.

But Zabeen Hirji, the bank’s chief human resources officer, said RBC looked to suppliers like iGate to ensure it complies with existing Canadian laws. She said she was not sure of the exact visa status of iGate’s employees working at the Canadian offices of the bank.”

Outsourcing/offshoring is a fact of life, it’s not ever palatable, it won’t ever end, but in this instance RBC has outright lied and they deserve to be called out on it. Here’s the FB Boycott Page.

h/t Seaboat,Sanwin and others