“Long Live The Descendants Of Apes And Pigs” Terrorists – To Hell

“In an article published in the independent Egyptian daily Al-Watan on March 8, 2013, columnist Khalid Muntasir praised the Jews’ achievements in science and technology and their contribution to humanity, including to Muslims. He wrote that Jewish hi-tech magnates, especially the founders of Google and Facebook, have done much more to improve the life of humanity than the leaders of Al-Qaeda and the Taliban, or Muslim scholars, who, he claims, deal with obsolete matters and trivialities.

The following are excerpts from the article”

“As I read the article on this organization, I also happened to watch a video sent to me by one of my friends, in which an important [Muslim] speaker lectured on the benefits of having a beard in treating impotence, and [explained] how the beard gives the man virility and strength. I closed the article, shut off the computer, sighed and said: It’s no use. Free us [of your discussions] on whether it is permissible to eat the flesh of demons, whether a woman can disrobe in front of a male dog, and on treatments using camel urine, fennel flower, bee stings, etc. The voice of the sheikh in the neighboring mosque rose and echoed as he cursed the Jews, the descendants of apes and pigs, [wishing] that they would scatter in every direction and that their wives become widows and their children orphans, while the worshipers rejoiced in the mighty victory…”

Link to Al-Watan where it is said the original article appeared on March 8 2013, I can’t locate it yet.