B’nai Brith gets it right on Justin Trudeau

There is already a movement that wants to neutralize Jewish support for the Conservative Party and the mantra is that all three parties have the same agenda regarding Israel, a two-state solution, so why do we have to support the Conservatives? In a well-orchestrated campaign we will soon begin to see a new Jewish agenda being proposed by some, which will advocate that Jewish community adjust its focus to Aboriginal issues, child poverty, health care and social housing.

There will be a concentrated effort to realign the Jewish agenda with that of the Liberal Party, an effort which was made in the last election by the now defunct Canadian Jewish Congress. Jewish fundraising has already taken place for Justin Trudeau and much more is expected. Jewish publications will be fed stories that it would be best not to concentrate on Israel, Iran, and terrorism but rather on domestic issues. Justin Trudeau will be introduced at numerous functions by Irwin Cotler who has now proclaimed support for Trudeau.