“It is believed the CSIS investigation in London could involve as many as 15 others’

But no one from the London Muslim Community knows them at all I’m sure…

“A bombshell this morning on NEWSTALK 1290 with Steve Garrison-London Muslim spokesman and lawyer Faisal Joseph told NEWSTALK 1290 CSIS has been in London in the past conducting interviews with residents and will be here again in the near future. Joseph says he has sat in on the interviews before and has quote…..a couple of more interviews” scheduled in the next couple of weeks. He would not be more specific about who was being interviewed or why but did say it was his duty as a Canadian to fully co operate.

 It is believed it is connection to the deaths of former South Secondary students Christos Katsiroubas and Ali Medlej and their possible involvement in a terrorist attack on an Algerian gas plant in January. It is also believed a third former South student may be involved as well…Aaron Yoon. Yoon is still in Algeria possibly in jail. It is believed the CSIS investigation in London could involve as many as 15 others.”
Good old Faisal Joseph,  the legal titan who lead the Muslim assault against Free Speech in Canada.

Be grateful that London’s Police Force isn’t involved in the investigation. London’s Police force appointed Munir El-Kassem a police chaplain. Munir El-Kassem is an Islamist apologist and fan of the anti-semitic Louis Farrakhan.

The London Mosque openly admits it’s affiliations with radical Islamist organizations such as the Al-Maghrib Institute, the Muslim Students Association, and the Muslim Brotherhood front the Muslim Association of Canada who worship at the feet of Hassan al-Banna, the Muslim Brotherhood founder and proponent of Jihad. One of their members even took a cruise on the Gaza boat, aren’t you grateful the Conservative government gave them 39K to protect them against “hate crimes“?

On a related note: The Al Maghrib Institute, affectionately known as Jihad U,  includes among its alumni  Misbahuddin Ahmed one of the Ottawa Muslim Terror Bombers. Zeba Hashmi of the London Mosque is the wife of Dr. Fasahat Wasty. The Wasty’s in turn are related to Ottawa Terror Doctor Khurram Sher and in fact purchased a home for Sher.

I recommend you skip ahead to about the 6:50 mark of this vid;)