The Great Canadian List Of Hate Facts

I was struck by this passage in Andrew Coyne’s column on the SCC’s ludicrous Whatcott ruling.

“As anyone who follows the workings of human rights tribunals can attest, they are a strange parody of ordinary criminal courts. Not only is it no defence that the accused had an honest belief in what he said: it is not even a defence that it is factually true. Here, too, the Court is at peace. As the decision primly advises, “truth may be used for widely disparate ends.” I cannot quite believe I am reading these words, even now.

I can believe it, truth was never considered a defense by the Kangaroo Kourts. That this is now the law of the land is absurd, but not a surprise. Truth is a Hate Fact in Canada.

There really isn’t anything to do but defy the Supreme Court, every day, without fail.

Mock it, scorn it, detest it. Subject it to hatred and contempt. To that end I propose to compile a handy reference of Hate Facts. Let’s begin, add yours in the comments.

Canada aced the audition for Banana Republic status with the Whatcott decision

Multiculturalism is a corrosive policy that has undermined our society and values

If diversity is such a strength why does no one else practice it outside of a few gullible western nations?

Not all cultures are equal

Islam is not a religion of peace

A moratorium should be declared on immigration from Muslim nations

Gypsy culture is noteworthy for its enthusiastic embrace of criminality

We are not obligated to accept the world’s refugees

Illegal Immigrants and refugees should not be granted the rights of Canadian citizens

Foreign aid is a waste – that includes Quebec

I don’t owe any Indian Tribe anything, ever

You’re not transgendered you’re mentally ill

Gays are 2% of the population, except in elementary schools where they are portrayed as a majority

Basketball courts are not fathers & will never earn the money drug dealing can

Abortion kills children

I await your additions…