Thank God It Wasn’t The Indy 500!

BC Human Rights Tribunal rules that failing to accommodate blind runner amounts to discrimination

“Graeme McCreath, a committed athlete, runs with a guide. He wanted to take part in the 10km fun run, but TC10K race policies prevented him from doing so safely. The race organizers adopted a rule that required all runners to start in staggered groups based on their estimated finish time. This mass start rule put Mr. McCreath and his guide smack in the middle of 15,000 people, making it impossible for them to participate in the race in a safe and dignified manner. Mr. McCreath had run the race a few times following the rule. On these occasions, both he and his guide had experienced distress, and fallen over people ahead of them. It got to the point that neither Mr. McCreath nor his guide felt safe starting the race in these conditions.”

If I’m reading this right the “victim” was given too much equality by the race organizers.